The Bait

The most important part… The bait.

We use the best quality ingredients from all the major players and can make any Carp Bait you require. We make our own range of boilies but will also make custom and bespoke rolled baits for you; whether it be for carp, cats, barbel or any other species.

All you will need to do is drop us a call and talk to us about your needs and requirements.


Boilies          1 kg £7.00            5 kg £32.50          10kg £60.00            12*, 16, 20, 24 mm *12mm £1 extra

Enzyme         1 kg £7.50            5 kg £35.00          10kg £65.00            12*, 16, 20, 24 mm *12mm £1 extra

Pop Ups £5.00

Dips £5.00

*Price  correct at going to press

8 ball (Black Crack)

If you ever wanted a bait to change your luck during tough times, look no further. This bait is Jet Black in colour, made up of a fish-meal base with added bird foods, milk proteins, squid extract, hydrolysed fish proteins and a couple of added bits we keep to ourselves. The Carp Bait that seems to have a knack of taking out the bigger fish in venues, plenty of PBs have fallen to 8 ball. The cats seem to love this one too! Give it a try, the fact that it has been our best selling bait of the last 5 years speaks for itself!


Area 51 MK2

The new Carp Bait for 2014, we had to release this bait 4 months earlier than expected due to the amount of people wanting to get their hands on it. Tested on runs waters, club waters, syndicate waters and heavily pressured waters in and around the Yateley/Hampshire areas, it has torn them all apart! The bait is made on a fish blood base with a spicy/sweet twist, there are a few mystery additives to this one hence the name Area 51.


Natural Enzyme

This one has been around since 2012 and still going strong. Dark green in colour based on what a carp would eat in its own environment, ingredients include shrimp, worm, snail, GLM, spirunila, bloodworm, kelp extracts and hydrolysed liquids with added enzymes. A Carp Bait that has taken its fair share of nice fish from some pressured waters, the green colour helps keep our feathered friends at bay. This one will cost you a little extra than the other baits due to the high quality ingredient content, but it truly is worth every penny.

Natural Enzyme

Nutz XXX

A nut based mix with a blend of three chopped nuts, tigers, peanut and almonds which gives the boilie a rough look with a real nutty smell and the crunch factor which the fish just can’t seem to resist! A very popular Carp Bait that keeps catching all through the year, we also roll this one with a chocolate orange flavour which is a favourite with a few of our regular customers.


Bounty – Carp Bait

A full on coconut based bait with added cream and vanilla enhancers. One of our testers along with his good lady devastated a venue with this bait taking 61 fish over 6 nights between them, whilst most others on the lake were struggling. This bait is a sandy yellow in colour and is going to catch a lot of fish in the future, smells amazing!

Test bait

We have to Baits out with the Promo team and they are being tested on a number of waters around the south.

Custom Rolls 

A custom rolling service is also available, we can make almost anything you desire (within reason). Why not give us a call to and pick our brain, we will be more than happy to advise and help you create the bait of your dreams!

Copy of custom roll

5 kg minimum Order

Crab & Krill

A fish-meal & bird-food based boilie that absolutely stinks to high heaven, this one has caught some cracking fish from a lot of waters around the Yateley area. Ingredients include crab and krill extracts, hydrolysed krill liquid, fish proteins, betaine and LO 30 all finished in a yellowish brown in colour.


Tuna Stench

This boilie is a very similar make up to The Cheesy One but dropping a few ingredients such as the robin red and cheese flavours, replacing them tuna chunks. Brown flecked in colour.


The Cheesy One

A savoury based carp bait, red in colour and made up of fish meals, bird-foods, milks, blue cheese powder, savoury enhancers, tuna extracts, 2 different cheese flavours, robin red, betaine, tuna flavour and tuna oil. This is one stinky carp bait that your Mrs might hate but the carp will love! Also a favourite amongst the barbell anglers.

Cheesy Tuna

Pop Ups

We make pop-ups to match our range of baits, but if you want something different just ask.

 Pop Ups Heads Down Bait

 You have seen the bait, pop over and see The Fish

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